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Level One Slow School is an introduction to low speed riding techniques.  It is a great way to become more familiar with your motorcycle after a recent purchase or build your existing slow speed skills with the bike you love to ride.  No one wants to be “THE ONE” who comes into a parking lot with their outriggers’(legs) extended out to both sides.  It doesn’t look cool! This four hour class that helps build rider confidence while operating their motorcycle in a parking lot or similar confined areas.  Slow School will refine the riders overall control of the motorcycle which will translate into increased skill at higher speeds.  Riders are not forced into a specific area but are coached with techniques and tools that allow them to tighten up their turns as they build confidence at their own pace riding in an open pattern with minimal small cones.  The exercises are designed to relax the rider as they learn to be successful at lower speeds allowing them to build the skill they are working on in their own time and manage the motorcycle successfully.

Riders are required to provide their own motorcycle with proof of insurance along with:

  • DOT helmet with eye protection
  • Motorcycle riding jacket, pants, and full fingered leather gloves
  • Sturdy over the ankle boots