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Any individual, 15.5 years of age or older, who wishes to participate in a CMSP MTC or PMTC must have a valid Government-issued photo ID. This can be from California, another state, or another country. Any person younger than 18 years must also have the written permission of his/her parent(s) or legal guardian. CMSP accepts out-of-state and out-of-country student credentials that are acceptable to the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

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No Guarantee of License

Although successful completion of the CMSP MTC and PMTC currently serves to waive the DMV riding skill test, neither CMSP nor TCTI guarantees that completion of either course will ensure that the individual will be issued a license in the state of California

Course Tuition

Students under 21: $295.00
Students 21 and over: $ 325.00
Student fees are based on the age of the student on the day he/she pays for the course.
Payment is due at time of registration.

Personally-Owned Motorcycles

Students may use their personally-owned motorcycles to participate in the CMSP MTC, provided the student’s personal motorcycle meets at least two of three criteria. The three criteria are:

  • 1. an engine displacement of 500cc or less
  • 2. an unladen weight of 400 pounds or less
  • 3. a seat height of 30" or less.

Additional Requirements for Students who Use Their Own Motorcycles

  • 1. A valid motorcycle license or temporary permit.
  • 2. Students are responsible for any damage to their motorcycle or equipment as a result of their participation in the class.
  • 3. Motorcycles will be inspected before class to detect defects that could impair handling or control in accordance with the safety inspection.

Students 20 and under, who are not already properly licensed or have a valid motorcycle permit, shall not be allowed to ride to or from the training site. Should the student request to use his/her personal motorcycle, the motorcycle shall be trailered or ridden to the site by a licensed operator.

Required Safety Gear

Required protective gear for students includes:

  • a. Full-coverage or 3⁄4-coverage DOT-compliant helmet (full-coverage recommended)
  • b. Shatter-resistant eye protection
  • c. Sturdy over-the-ankle footwear (motorcycle-specific footwear recommended)
  • d. Long-sleeved shirt or jacket (motorcycle-specific jacket recommended)
  • e. Long non-flared durable pants (motorcycle-specific recommended) without any rips or holes.
  • f. Full-fingered street-motorcycle-specific or leather gloves (mechanics-style gloves, off- road gloves, etc. are NOT allowed)